Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gaming Woes...sort of

I stopped at Game Crazy today and bought Final Fantasy III, Wii component cables and a system changer for $80. I'm happy that I got them, but I won't be totally happy until the balance is off my card.

After talking to the guy at the counter, it got me thinking about my situation. I have a lot of games that I haven't really played much of. I have thought about not buying any more games (except Guitar Hero 360) until I beat a few of the ones I already have. The way I want to go about it is to choose a game to play and then spend the majority of my gaming time playing that game until I beat it.

So far, I have thought about making Okami that game since I'm 10 hours into it and then move on to FF XII since I'm beginning that one. Since my roomate is TV whoring right now, I guess I can fill that void with FFIII and beat that one. Hopefully, this should help out in saving me money and making me feel better about my game collection.


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