Friday, August 03, 2007

Practice Problems

Today's practice was okay. I was put in the intermediate section for a bit for some reason for a while. While there, I just made the best of my time there by concentrating on my basics and making clear strikes and not bending forward. After a while, I was able to join the advanced section but it didn't make the experience that much better. There were a lot of bad habits that surfaced today, such as gravitating towards the other person after each strike instead of going through. Then, there's the issue of waza usage...

I sometimes feel like I am a one-trick pony when it comes to sparring only doing men and kote. There are other techniques that I can use to make openings like harai-waza, suriage-waza and nuki-waza that I don't take enough advantage of. During shiai, I always go for the men, kote and kote men and sometimes dou, but it's usually executed the same way. I feel like I need to begin moving away from just whacking away and using other Kendo elements to subdue and win against the opponent. I guess, just like all the men strikes I've been doing to get that down, I need to just do more of these to get used to the movements to learn the timing and everything.

As far as the gravitating towards the opponent issue, looks like I have something else to concentrate on for the next practice or two!


The Cyber Dojo said...

Hi Chris,

This is Hiro From The Cyber Dojo.
Did you ever get my email about your visiting a dojo? If you see this message please email me about it.

Hope everything is ok.



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