Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back to the Usual...

This past weekend was business as usual...if you call having to work on the weekend as being usual (overtime FTW!!!). It was a pretty productive weekend for Kendo and Iaido nonetheless.

The Saturday Kendo was pretty intense as usual. I've did my best to keep my energy up despite it leaving really quickly. There really isn't much to say in particular about this practice, but I was left with a few tips:

- My men hits are too high. In application, this caused me to hit more on the grill instead of the top of the men. Seems like it's an issue with my wrists not providing enough of that extra movement to get the downward force.

- This is an issue that I really should try harder to work on. I need to hit through the men instead of just on top of the men. This is a nice breakthrough that could help me hit harder.

Sunday was pretty nice. I went back to iaido and worked on ipponme through gohonme that day. It's really daunting of all the peculiarities that come with each of the movements. When you see it done, it looks so simple but actually doing it is another matter.

The Kendo portion was pretty interesting. Since it was the first weekend of the month, we spent a lot of the practice doing kata. I really need to learn the rest of the kata since I'm really behind. As it stands I only confidently know up to kata 4. I have done the others, but not really enough to count with confidence. The second part just consisted of kirikaeshi, uchikomi, jigeiko and kakarigeiko due to lack of time. I tried my best to make it intense.

Ugh, not the best of entries though it is getting kinda late. Hopefully my next entry will be a bit better.


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