Friday, November 07, 2008

Interesting Kendo Week

Hmm, it's been a while since I posted. Well, I guess better late than never, except for those few "dedicated" readers that might be expecting something from me more often. I'll divide this post by days for organization purposes.

Tuesday was a pretty light day as far as activity goes. But that doesn't mean that it was light on the information. Takano sensei went over various tips regarding preparing oneself for tournaments and how to keep the teams strong. Some of the things was a nice review, but there were some things that was either new or clarified, mostly in the ettiquite department. There was some practice matches to put a few of the things into action. I was quite surprised to have scored with hiki-kote, though I was told I need to work on strength and snap.

Wednesday was okay, I guess. Nobody showed up at the community center so I mostly used that time to practice some of the iaido kata and some Kendo suburi. On the iaido side, I just did a few of the swings and practiced the seitei kata. One thing I really need to get better at is remembering all 12 of them though. For the kendo stuff, all I really did was do 500 suburi with the suburito. I was mostly trying to make sure I fall out of the habit of getting right handed and increase strength before it becomes a problem...

Wednesday was pretty entertaining. The main portion was normal practice with the suburi and footwork. Then some of the remaining time was with the beginners and helping them out with the technique. It was a very fulfilling experience seeing the improvement throughout the practice alone. The last part was the jigeiko amongst us advanced people. The first match was nice...though it lasted a bit longer than normal since I didn't hear the portion about us scoring ourselves. I definately tried to give it my all as I was getting more and more tired. Now, if only I could do that all the time :). But they were very awesome matches though as I could sense the fact that we were giving it our all despite deficencies in strength.

Ah well, that's pretty much all I have...


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