Sunday, August 14, 2005

Finally, a post about Kendo!

I did some Kendo training yesterday on my own. I wanted to write about it then, but the internet was out all night due to a terrible storm passed by that is oh so common in the south due to heat and humidity.

Anyways, during my training, I did some deeper thinking while I was doing my suburi. While I was doing katate suburi, I payed much more attention to my footwork and I noticed that my movements became stronger and my feet stayed straighter as a result. While my footwork became stronger, my suburi could use some work as it was a little wobbly. I could say that it is because I was only swinging with my left hand, but I should have it swinging straight as if my right hand was there...or at least that is my goal.

I wanted to do shomen suburi, but I ran into some trouble there. I was doing just fine but my wrist started bothering me when I was doing it. So that I wouldn't damage my wrist, I decided to stop there. But when I was doing what I could, I did make note to swing with my left hand exclusively as if my right hand wasn't there. I did a few slow practice swings before doing the exercise so that I can get the feel of it. After that I did a few swings concentrating on the feeling I got with the slow swings until my wrist started bothering me. After that, I watched the DVD that came with my Kendo World Magazine at some of the matches that were on it, then finished it off with a few episodes of Love Hina.

I have also been thinking about my future in Kendo. It is definately something that I would like to do until the day that my body tells me that I cannot practice anymore. But beyond that, I thought about how I would practice and how I would improve. There were a few material things involved like buying zori and a better kendo-gi and bogu set :), but I did think beyond that. One thing that I would like to do is make a written Kendo journal, maybe starting at shodan since it is considered the true beginning of one's Kendo journey. But I have also thought about making one now and then starting anew once I do hit shodan, that way I can look back and see myself during the kyu days. I could keep typing here, but there just seems to be less personality when I am typing stuff online. I also feel that computer information can be easily lost in the future, becoming extremely hard to find, even if you forget one letter in the url or filename in the archives hidden deep in the computer. At least a written one will allow me to easily go back to a bookcase and read it immediately.

I also have ideas for cross training. Because I have easy access to a gym, I plan on starting once I go back to school. I plan on trying out some suppliments to build about 10-20 lbs of muscle. I don't want to get too muscular cause I don't want it to impede my Kendo progress, not to mention I don't really plan on being too muscle-bound. I also have plans of running and doing more DDR to help with cardiovascular strength. I also have plans to alter my diet to make me more healthy. I want to do more research on this so I don't waste any time with no gain. If any of you have any ideas on physical training, feel free to send your suggestions my way.


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