Sunday, August 14, 2005

Future Kendo Plans

I had this in the previous post, but due to posting problems, I was only able to salvage what you see in the previous post.

I wanted to discuss me thinking about my future in Kendo. I see myself doing this until the day my body will not let me do it anymore. I know that I have found my art. I look at forums, I watch videos, and I also pay attention to my own Kendo in hopes of improvement of myself. All I know is that there is no stopping now!

I have a few cosmetic plans. They aren't too important (except for one), but it's something that I like to keep in mind once my credit limit increases and I make more money. For one thing, I would like to buy zori, but I might wait until I go to a seminar for that as sort of a traveling gift. I also have plans on getting better quality kendogi, hakama, and bogu. I can use the set I have now until they are not fit for practice or sell them second-hand to someone looking for a cheap set. I can make or buy a stand for my old bogu set and use it for suburi practice when I don't have a human person to hit on. The one cosmetic thing that is important is having a place to train. I assume that the regular rooms in my future house may not be sutible for Kendo training, so I do have plans on making an addition to the house or a seperate shed or something so I can do training there without having to worry about places to train. I want spring floors, suitible for Kendo as well as high celings and proper ventilation. As far as decoration, I guess I can get posters, wallhangers, flowers and some paint to give it the "Kendo" atmosphere. I might have other uses for this place as well, but only time will tell.

Of course, I can't get better just by buying bigger and better things. I have thought beyond the clothes. I would love to bring friends over for some friendly jigeiko sometime if they accept the invitation. If I do come through with the addition to the house, then things will only get better. But I wouldn't mind going outside to do some training as well, since I also want to expand the knowledge of Kendo to others that may not be familiar with the art. My goal is to also get to a position where I can teach people Kendo. I can do a little teaching, but it wouldn't be as good due to the fact that I am still new to Kendo and I haven't seen enough great cuts to know what a good one looks like. But once I do get to the rank where it is acceptable for teaching, I shall take that opportunity to volunteer to do so. Once I retire, I could take it up full-time. Passing on my knowledge to others would be one of the greatest honors for me.

To get to that point, I would like to read more material by subscribing to Kendo World Magazine for the long haul and buying videos to study. I would also like to attend the seminars. I haven't read too much on it, but I have heard that they are really fun. If I could do it next summer, I might go for it.

I do see the bill that I would be footing for all of this, but I usually feel better if I don't think about the total price and look at them one at a time.

Edit: I see that I have repeated the first paragraph from my first post, but that shouldn't be a big issue, right?


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